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The Little Book of Spiritual Growth
A Straightforward Primer on Energy, God, Spirit, Soul, and Ego


By Peter Santos

For the novice or expert, this short primer clarifies the basic terms and concepts that are critical to understanding what spiritual growth is and how we can go about realizing it. It describes how we must learn from our circumstances and environment to find our own path toward accepting, feeling, and knowing that our divinity lies within. To understand this is easy. To fully embrace it can be challenging. However, it is through the expression of being and living with love and joy that brings about the spiritual growth and transformation we seek.

Readers looking to understand the concepts presented in this primer more deeply and to find ways to apply this material in their lives should consider the author’s more in-depth book, Everything I Wanted To Know About Spirituality But Didn’t Know How To Ask: A Spiritual Seeker’s Guidebook.

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