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The Light Beyond the Shadows
A Tale of Awakening


By Peter Santos

An enlightening spiritual tale of one man's journey to understand a world limited only by his own perceptions.


Layered with spiritual lessons, metaphors, and hidden meanings, this inspiring, mystical tale of personal growth and spiritual evolution expresses timeless wisdom through seven distinct lessons corresponding to the seven chakras.


A girl. A forbidden manuscript. A mystical blind man. An authoritarian government. An unrealized love. 


In a bygone society confined to a land surrounded by a mysterious, protective wall, young Anna connects deeply with a timeless manuscript titled A Tale of Awakening. In it, a farmer challenged by his past feels compelled to trust an inner voice as his world begins to collapse around him, and he follows a peculiar blind beggar on unexpected adventures that force him to confront everything he thinks he knows about himself and the land he lives in. As he trusts his awakening perceptions and his awareness of his purpose and the truth within grows, he embarks on a daring expedition to discover the secrets of the mysterious wall, what lies beyond it, and the answer to something unexplained his father said to him when he was a boy, risking everything on a perilous journey to a spiritual awakening . . . and death. 


And unbeknownst to Anna, she is about to tumble headfirst into the center of the tale.


What would you risk to discover the truth?

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