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Little Gifts
Poems to Awaken the Spirit Within


By Peter Santos

Little Gifts takes you on an inspirational poetic romp through casual observations of simple occurrences, spiritually insightful allegories, and challenging perceptual perspectives. It encourages mindfulness in daily living and plants the seeds for new and alternative ways of seeing and appreciating the world and what has come before us.



From the author:


A while ago I was asked when I was going to publish the poems I had written over the past decade.  I responded with surprise, as I hadn't thought about publishing them.  Writing them was just something that I needed to do, or rather, they needed to be expressed through me.  Publishing wasn't the goal.  However, after sharing them with a few people and receiving positive feedback, including, "These are great.  You're not going to just let them sit there on your computer, are you?", I decided to pull many of them together into this collection.


Most of the poems are infused with the spiritual experiences and teachings I have received over the years, most particularly through the Sacred Garden Fellowship, and a few include some details that I leave up to the reader to interpret as factual or as poetic license.  In all the poems, I hope the reader can find a layer of Truth that speaks to them and can enjoy seeing the world in new and different ways.

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