Spirit Speaks Publishing was established to bring the expression of spirit-centered material to others. Through our publishing efforts, we hope to encourage seeing the world from a higher context and to foster living from the divine within each of us. When any of us take a step forward in our spiritual growth, we all take a step forward.


It started with a poetry book, Little Gifts: A Collection, published in 2013, and in January 2015 we published a book on spirituality entitled Everything I Wanted To Know About Spirituality But Didn't Know How To Ask: A Spiritual Seeker's Guidebook, with a second edition published in 2016. In May 2015 we published a children's book, Little Gifts: The Adventures of a Pigeon-Angel and in November 2015, we published Precious Little Loves (no longer published by SSP), another children's book. The Little Book of Spiritual Growth: A Straightforward Primer on Energy, God, Spirit, Soul, and Ego was published in August 2016. And in September 2018, we published the interdependent five volume series, The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self (no longer published by SSP), which won a Silver Nautilus Book Award in the Personal Growth & Self Help category and was a Finalist in The Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Mind, Body & Spirit category.


Some people have asked about our logo. To get the full story, you'd have to read Little Gifts: The Adventures of a Pigeon-Angel, but suffice it to say that divine gifts can come from anywhere, including pigeons.

Please read about the books on our Books pages and contact us if you have any questions or would like to order copies. Thank you.